Photo recreation – Student clubs and activities photos

These are the photos that i chose to be decided on for the photo recreation of student clubs and activities.

the first is of the Madrigal Singers in 1953.  This is a club that is lead by the department of music and in it the members of the Madrigal Singers stand in two rows, singing, as music professor Stanley Bulley conducts.  To recreate this photo, we would need of coarse the right clothing to make it look like we are in the right time period.  We would need fold-up chairs for the girls, and the hardest part might be that there are 13 girls in the photo and a man conducting, this is a lot of people to get together for the photo.  It looks like it is taking place in the Virginia Parlor.

Image Thumbnail


This next picture is my favorite.  It is of three girls in the Players Club trying on old costumes from dramatic performances that have been put on by the club in the past.  This is in 1951.  This can be taken anywhere that has a brick wall in the background.  We would need racks of cloths and some fun 1950’s hats – and of coarse big smiles!

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