Our group website

In our group meeting, we talked about what we want out website to look like.  We decided that we want it to very interactive and we want it to be be a step by step admissions website into Mary Washington College in the 1960’s.  We talked through many ideas about what this would look like, including having each sign-on have to sign the honor pledge before entering the site, and having the viewer be able to pick their major.  Once they pick their major, they will go through a series of links including reading about the professors for that given major, and information about the classes offered.  We will have a section on campus life, classroom life, and a section about hearing from the students, which will be where the alumni interviews that I will be getting will be found.  We plan on giving the option of only four majors so it does not get overwhelming and also having links back to each of the other pages so that at any time the viewer of the site can look at a different area of the site as they please.

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