Second Research Post

I am working on my research for our project and am discovering that a lot of effort is going to need to go into getting the alumni interviews. I have a list of four women who I will be contacting first by email, this week and if I do not get a response, I will be contacting them by telephone. I understand that most of these women live far, so I will be talking to them about what the best way to get questions answered. Because all of these women have email addresses, and because doing phone interviews make for difficult transcription, I plan on trying to get questions answered through email. If, however, any of these women would rather answer through letter I will happily do that. I also would love to interview in person if any of these women are able to do so. I will be asking them how far they live, but if it is in the area, then of course I will try to interview in person.

I am coming up with a list of questions that I want to ask, but mostly I want to know what they want to say. I find that in interviewing, most of the good information comes out when people are just allowed to talk. I would like to ask them about the classroom experience, and will prompt them with questions where necessary, but I think that the best way to understand what the 1960’s Mary Washington College classroom was like is to hear it told through stories.

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