Research Plan

I am handling most of the alumni portion of our project. I will be interviewing alumni as well and looking through the alumni magazines. For the interviews, I do not yet have people to interview as I am waiting for a response on who to contact that went to school here in the 1960’s. I talked to Carolyn Parsons, Special Collections Librarian, and she said that she may know of one alum who graduated in the late 1960’s and who was very involved in the school when she went here. That particular alum is also thinking about writing a book about her experience at Mary Washington, so I think she will be particularly excited about helping with the project. I have emailed Mrs. Parsons about the getting the contact information for this lady.

As for questions that I am going to ask, I would like to focus on what the experience was like for her. I want to understand what it was like going to classes, what school policies stuck out to her, what were the popular majors, if she has any interesting stories, and what the trends were like (both fashion, things people said a lot, and any other trends that may have taken place). I am going to compile a list of about fifteen or twenty different questions. I would like to interview more than one person, but I would like to ask them all the same questions as I feel like that is the best way to get a true feel for what life was like at Mary Washington College in the 1960’s. I plan on voice recording the interviews as well as taking notes on the things that I think particularly stand out. I would also like to videotape at least one, given that the Alumni is alright with that.

I am also doing the Alumni Magazines which is going to be a pretty big job. I am going to be looking not only at the alum magazines from the 1960’s but all of the ones thereafter because there can be articles or other excerpts about alumni from the 1960’s.

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